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27 Of The Best Fantasy Football Memes

One of the most fun aspects of fantasy football is trash-talking your league mates. Trash talking and fantasy football go together like beer and wings on a Sunday afternoon. When football season starts, you’ll want to be armed with the best fantasy football memes the internet has to offer.

So, we went and found 24 of the best fantasy football memes in existence.

1. Trash Talk Fodder

Fantasy football is best enjoyed with friends. It makes the trash-talking that much more fun, and with the week-long, head-to-head format of fantasy football, you can trash talk each opponent for days on end. Competition is also best enjoyed with friends, and it feels oh so good to rub it in after you beat your opponent in a given week.

2. The Auto-Drafting Bro

It seems that every year there’s a player that either shows up to the draft late, doesn’t show up at all, or starts auto-drafting in the third round. Nothing is more annoying on draft day.

So, please, don’t be this guy:

3. Bro that Doesn’t Pay

As bad as auto-drafting bro is, this guy is even worse:

fantasy football memes funny

4. Most Interesting Bench in the League

Unfortunately, this happens way too often:

5. Better to Be Lucky than Good

Sometimes fantasy football can be so cruel, that you honestly don’t know if the problem is you, or the fantasy football gods just hate you.

6. Mind Games

It’s always fun to get in your opponent’s head before a matchup. Some weeks, it can be nearly impossible to decide which player to play, and which player to bench. And when it’s not your year, you know deep down that whichever choice you make will be the wrong one. You’ll start the player that winds up with one catch for two yards and bench the guy that may not even have a good game but grabs a late touchdown to salvage his day.

Tough lineup decisions are part of the fun and the futility of fantasy football. Look at the so-called “experts,” and they’ll all tell you something different. At the end of the day, it’s a crapshoot, and you should just go with your gut. But if you want to make it a little more agonizing for your opponent, send them this:

7. Draft Champions

There’s always a team or two that looks at their post-draft grade and starts gloating about how awesome they are at drafting. Not only does this post-draft grade end up being meaningless when it comes to judging how well a team drafted, but fantasy football is also won during the year, not at the draft. When one of your league mates starts chirping post-draft, you can hit them with this:

8. When You’re So Good It’s Not Fair

When it’s time for you to gloat about your own success, and complain about everyone else grabbing the best players on the waiver wire:

9. The Perfect Matchup

In life, it’s often better to be lucky than good. In fantasy football, that saying takes a whole new meaning. And when you get lucky, damn does it feel good:

best fantasy football memes

10. Fickle Fantasy

Fantasy football can be a fickle beast. One minute you’re projected to win by 30 points. Then you look 10 minutes later, and you wonder how in the hell they make these projections in the first place.

11. This Trade is Trash!

One of the best parts of fantasy sports is making trades. Some people look to make mutually beneficial trades, while others will only send lowball offers than do nothing but annoy the other team. There’s always a moment of excitement when you receive an email saying, “A Trade has been Proposed to you in Fantasy Football.”

But that excitement can quickly turn to annoyance and anger when you see what an awful proposal you’ve received.

12. The Dreaded Stat Correction

When you think you’ve won your league championship, and then a stat correction two days later gives your opponent the win by half a point…

13. When you Join Multiple Leagues

While playing in multiple leagues can be fun for those who are truly committed, you may want to think twice before joining another league…

funny fantasy football memes

14. Couples Making Trades

fantasy football trade meme

If you’re playing fantasy football with your significant other, please avoid the urge to trade with them. Even if the trade is completely legitimate, your league mates will hate you for it. They’ll assume collusion, or some ulterior motive. And in some leagues, the ensuing drama can last all season long.

15. Collusion!

Or, you can be like Ruxin from The League and have fun playing dirty and see if you can get away with it.

16. Drafting Multiple Quarterbacks

To the newbie that just joined your league….

17. Fantasy Football at Work

Playing fantasy football with your work buddies is usually a great way to add some banter and trash talk when you bump into someone in the hallway. Try not to get caught staring at your roster by your boss.

18. Passing on Running Backs

The “Zero RB” strategy can be difficult to pull off. And it never works when you draft Odell Beckham the year he gets traded to the Browns.

19. Who’s the Taco in your League?

Every league has a Taco. And hopefully, you know who the Taco in your league is…

20. Second-Highest Points

The cruel reality about fantasy football: it often comes down to luck.

21. The Spiteful Trader

Every league has at least one of these guys. In fact, we probably all feel like this at some point during the season.

fantasy football trade meme

22. Dominating the Loser’s Bracket

Trying to avoid the Sacko is almost as fun as making it to the playoffs. Almost.

23. Playing your Prime-Time Players

We’ve all had the urge to play a guy just because he’s playing on Monday Night Football, and you get to watch him perform. Resist that urge.

24. Bragging Rights

If you have the skill, tenacity, and good fortune of winning your league, you don’t have to be shy about it. Have a little fun reminding your friends who the champ is.

25. The Toilet Team

Then there’s the moment you realize the season turned to hot garbage.

26. The Prayer

Ah, the traditional prayer at the beginning of the season.

27. Let Me Mullet Over

This seemed like an appropriate one to end on…

Fantasy football funny

Did we forget one of your favorite Fantasy Football memes? Leave a comment below…

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