35 Of The Funniest LeBron James Memes

Lebron James is one of the most accredited basketball players of our time. It’s no wonder that he has plenty of memes to follow him wherever he goes. James is often compared to Michael Jordan because of his skills on the court and off the court. Lebron’s expressions have been glorified in meme culture for people who love basketball and those who have never watched a game.

Here are the 35 funniest LeBron James Memes

1. Leave Me Alone

lebron james memes

When you have to go to the gym and you just ain’t feeling it. This excuse also applies to self-defense whenever you want people to leave you alone!

2. LeBron Is Missing

Sometimes you just go missing in the third quarter, sometimes you just take a plane and head out before the game is over. Basketball players have been mysteriously disappearing whenever you need them the most.

3. All-Around Player

When you’re an overachiever but you spread yourself way too thin. Fortunately, you always know that your mama has got your back even when the internet makes memes out of you, even though she might find some of them funny.

4. James VS. Jordan

lebron james vs michael jordan meme

One of the most divided subjects in NBA history. Who did it better in their primes? Some say MJ; others say Lebron. You have to cut Lebron a break though. He’s trying man! Michael Jordan left some pretty big shoes to fill if you ask us!

5. The Google Search

One of the best things that we can do when we don’t have an answer for something is to Google it. Lebron is just doing his homework before he goes up against a fellow GOAT. Let’s just make sure Lebron has safe search on….

6. Cigarettes

When it’s Friday, and you’re just so checked out of work. Gotta bring a couple of cigarettes with you just to make it through the day. But hey, Lebron is rocking that durag so no complaints here.

7. LeBron Slaps Barkley

funny lebron james memes

When Lebron struck back at Barkley for running his mouth. Was anyone surprised when Barkley starting popping off? I think most people just rolled their eyes at the oldhead.

8. Joining The Lakers

You know it is a good day whenever Snoop Dogg congratulates you on being a badass. This picture immortalizes Lebron as one of the many MVP to join the Lakers. Ol’ Snoop’s just reppin on Twitter for his boy, you feel him?

9. LeBron Vs. Lakers Fans

funny lebron james memes

Sometimes the only way that you can represent Lebron is by using the Power Rangers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But hey, this was a monumental moment in basketball history that definitely wasn’t forgotten. I think Lebron would be the Blue Ranger though, that’s just my opinion lol

10. The Prayer

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way that you plan in the last quarter, and you gotta drop to your knees and pray to your idol. That last quarter was brutal, and no one knows this more than Lebron. At least Lil’ B had his back in the end, right?

11. Chihuahuas

Lebron was practicing that bow for the halftime show that was coming up. He was trying out for the trapeze act and had been training diligently with chihuahuas. We hear it’s going to be a great show, and Lebron has been putting in the work!

12. Lebron Vs. J.R. Smith AKA Epic Meme Face

Lebron jr smith meme

This is the most memeable face that Lebron has ever made. The anguish, the regret, the sadness that overtook this man during the finals. This is the face of a man who is experiencing a dumpster fire of a situation that he has no control over. Don’t worry Lebron; we’ve all been there before.

13. The Flop

Lebron flop meme

Sometimes you gotta take credit for your actions. Not Lebron, no he just does what he wants. He’ll be checking his phone for that call though. I’m sure it’s coming anytime soon!

14. Haters Gonna Hate

With all this hate on the internet, all you can do is to stay fabulous. Not going to lie, whether this is actually Lebron James or a damn good photoshop job, this hair really suits him. Maybe he should try growing this out? Oh wait, he’s been on a hair way for years now and plans to get rid of whatever he’s got. Oh well, we can dream.

15. Finals Burn

Hey man, I didn’t do well during finals week, either. You got test anxiety; your stomach is all overturned from being nervous, you literally forget all of the answers. I can feel for Lebron whenever he whiffed his “finals,” but better luck next time as they always say.

16. Crying James Vs. Crying Jordan

crying jordan and crying lebron meme

If we want to keep comparing to MJ, then you’re going to have to compare to the ugly cry face. Let’s be honest here; they’re eerily similar in presentation. Cry it out big guy, ain’t no one going to judge you.

17. LeBron Vs. The Sprite Can

best lebron james memes

When reverse marketing goes horribly, horribly wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to keep my distance from Sprite as much as I have wanted to right now. At least its cranberry flavored, though.

18. The Disappearing Hairline

We all know that Lebron’s hairline had disappeared as he got older, but it’s nice to see that he HAD hair at some point in time. This is one of those kinds of pictures that you can frame and keep on your wall to remind you of the good times. No, we’re not talking about basketball stats, we’re talking hairlines.

19. Cool Off

It gets hot out there in the court, we know. Luckily you have someone there to help you cool down whenever things start to heat up out there. Lebron can be a bit of a diva sometimes, but at least the opposing team can help him keep his cool even if it’s counterproductive.

20. #TBT

You gotta stay up on that hydration, Lebron! Otherwise, you’re going to get cramps all the time. There’s no telling what Lebron is normally drinking. Someone get this man an IV of Powerade so he can get those electrolytes stat!

21. LeBron Vs. Peppa Pig

Funny Lebron James memes

This one is disturbing. Peppa pig is bigger than Lebron James, who is almost seven feet tall. I would hate to see Peppa Pig roll Lebron on a 1v1 match on live television. Lebron might lose whatever fans he has left!

22. Game-Winning Shot

There has to be a lot of pressure whenever it comes to making that last game-winning shot. Nothing showcases this more than this outdated meme format that has Lebron sweating like a maniac. Let’s be honest for a second; we’ve all had moments where we had to make a game-winning shot on a dime. Whether Lebron can or can’t is up for debate.

23. Where’s My Foul?

Sometimes you gotta question the ref whenever it comes to a foul. In Lebron’s case, every foul is questioned at any time. In fact, he’s got plenty of questions lined up for the fouls that will happen in the future. The man is seriously prepared for anything.

24. West Vs. East

You know Lebron has got it easier in those eastern conference finals. He’s a bonafide bully. But we hear that he’s cleaning up his act and letting the other kids have a chance in the future.

25. Best Player?

Even Batman is trying to slap some sense into those people who say that Lebron is the absolute best player. How can you be the best player if you lose while going down flailing and crying? I can’t recall a time that Michael Jordan ever did this!

26. Thanos James

lebron meme

Legends tell that whenever Lebron gets all six basketball stones that he will be the most powerful being in existence. With a snap of his finger, he would erase all others and reign supreme in the NBA. The other teams desperately assemble a group that can stop Lebron before its too late!

27. Raptors

The Raptors thought they had a different team. They felt that they could enter the ring and bring the thunder that would take them to the top. But Lebron knew better. He would wait in ambush for his prey and attack them like a “raptor.” This meme captures Lebron’s would-be expression perfectly before winning the battle.

28. Thanos Kicks

Lebron went full Thanos on the Raptors and absolutely destroyed them in the games that they went up against each other. All he had to do was snap his fingers, and their points would vanish into nothing.

29. Barkley Vs. Bron

Man, Barkley can’t leave poor Bron Bron alone. He’s been battling that hairline for years now, and all he gets is a jab or twenty from Barkley. To be fair, Charles hasn’t ever had hair himself, so Lebron at least has some leg up in this debacle.

30. LeBeer

funniest lebron james memes

Look, we don’t like drinking domestic as much as the next guy. But Lebron seems like a man of class and goes for the craft beers that he really enjoys. To be fair, we’d be making that face too if that bar only had that stuff on tap.

31. #LeBroning


Sometimes you must come together and help people whenever they need a hand. The new #lebroning technique has been invented to help your people whenever they can’t walk anymore because of a tiny boo boo. Now you and your friends can help each other out with this revolutionary new maneuver!

32. Runner Up

Not going to lie, being the best runner up isn’t so bad, is it? He may not be Michael Jordan, but he’s got the skills that he needs to showcase to the rest of the world and prove that he is a badass no matter what team he’s on.

33. Taco Tuesday

Lebron James Taco Tuesday Meme

Taco Tuesday and spending time with the family is better than making the playoffs as James’ family dinner proclaiming TACO TUESDAY went viral on the internet. What started as a one-off has become an event in the James household with friends, assistants, and even teammates getting in on it. LeBron James even tried to trademark it but was denied thanks to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, claiming that it was a phrase used in everyday speech.

34. Candy Crushed

While not linked to any loss, James shed an emotional tear before the London 2012 Olympics playing for Team USA. This was instantly turned into a meme with users using the image to express incredible amounts of joy at doing something quite insignificant.

35. Bandwagon

LeBron bandwagon

In 2014, Chris Broussard tweeted, “Lebron James’ agent Rich Paul has told Heat Lebron will exercise early termination option.” The tweet went viral, and within hours, users where uploading macro’s depicting Lebron fans as bandwagon followers, following him and cheering for whichever team he would be playing for next.

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