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19 Ideas For Throwing An Epic Chicago Bulls Themed Party

People the world over recognize the Chicago Bulls. In the 1990s, the Bulls went from being Chicago’s hometown heroes to becoming the team that was responsible for taking the NBA to the world stage. The 1990’s Bulls lineup is iconic. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen led by coach Phil Jackson did the unthinkable with two three-peat championships.

When the Bulls aren’t setting records or putting the NBA on the global map, they definitely know how to party.

The Chicago Bulls are known for their wild side. In their heyday, the Bulls were shocking the basketball world with the style of the infamous #91 Dennis Rodman. Today, every Chicagoan knows that if you head down to the United Center for a Bulls game, there is a good chance the team’s mascot Benny the Bull might try to dump a bag of popcorn on your head.

This guide will show you how to bring the energy of a team that is both one of the most epic and most winning teams in the NBA to your next get-together.

Here are 19 ideas that will help you throw a winning Chicago Bulls themed party: 

Chicago Bulls Party Decorations

When it comes to decorating a Chicago Bulls themed party, you should focus on two key concepts to keep your decor looking great. The first being the Chicago Bulls’ colors: red and black. The second is the iconic Bulls logo. Load up on decor with these two things in mind, and no one forgets your next superfan party.

Chicago Bulls Balloons

Let’s start with some classic party decorations. No party is complete without some festive balloons. It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a birthday party for 5th graders or it’s game day for 50-year-olds, balloons are the traditional way to add some party spirit.

Chicago Bulls themed balloons will take that to another level. Sure, you could just get red and black balloons to match the team’s colors, but what about red and black balloons with the Bulls logo? That will add some extra punch to your party.

'Chicago Bulls NBA Collection' Printed Latex Balloons, Party Decoration, 12', 6 Ct.
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"Chicago Bulls NBA Collection" Printed Latex Balloons, Party Decoration, 12", 6 Ct.
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Red and Black Streamers

In the wide world of throwing a party, no piece of decor is more classic than the streamer, and no streamers are better than red and black Chicago Bulls streamers.

Streamers are a great way to add some life to your party. They can be used for pretty much anything. You can make table skirts, use them to frame the TV, or even hang them from the ceiling to make room dividers or partitions. Streamers, like balloons, are your party 101.

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GAKA Black and Red Crepe Paper Streamers 12 Rolls 2 Color Red Black Party Streamer Decorations for...
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Bulls Championship Poster

If you’re throwing a Chicago Bulls themed party, then you are in luck. Not only are you going to have a great time, but you also get to celebrate one of the most epic teams out there.

The Chicago Bulls have had an impressive career, and what better way to show that off than a championship poster. Celebrate that double three-peat and let your guests know that, no matter what happens on game day, your team puts up W’s like none other.

Trends International Poster Clip NBA Chicago Bulls - Champions, 22.375' x 34', Poster & Clip Bundle
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Trends International Poster Clip NBA Chicago Bulls - Champions, 22.375" x 34", Poster & Clip Bundle
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Personalized Chicago Bulls Flag

Alright. You’re the party decorating champ. You’ve got all the basics down, and your home is looking like the United Center on game day. Let’s take your decor to the next level.

A personalized Chicago Bulls flag will let the whole party know you weren’t joking when you said epic. You can add anything you’d like to the text field on the flag. I could be the name of the lucky birthday fan, your neighborhood, or the name you’ve given your group of fans.

No matter what name you pick, when your guests see a personalized Bulls flag, they’ll know this isn’t your average party.

Chicago Bulls party decorations

Price: $49.99

Bulls Party Kit

So your house is all decked out in red and black, but what about all those party odds and ends?

The Chicago Bulls party kit comes with black cups and cutlery to match our team’s colors, Bulls themed disposable plates and napkins, and a reusable NBA table cloth. This kit is a great way to add a little Bulls flare to all the odds and ends of a party. The disposable plates and cutlery also make cleanup easier than a layup.

Party City Chicago Bulls Party Kit and Supplies for 16 Guests, Includes Table Cover, Plates and More
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Party City Chicago Bulls Party Kit and Supplies for 16 Guests, Includes Table Cover, Plates and More
  • Take the stress out of hosting a great game viewing party with the Chicago Bulls Party Kit for 16 Guests
  • Includes 20 black premium plastic forks, 16 dessert plates and 18 lunch plates (plates feature the...
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Chicago Bulls Costume Ideas

Bulls fans have all the luck. Not only do the Bulls have a stellar legacy, but they also have some of the best costume inspiration in the game. The Bulls have had some of the game’s most iconic players, which sets you up for some great costumes.

Player Jerseys

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Derrick Rose are just a few of the iconic players the Bulls have had over the years. What better way to gear up for your party than by sporting one of their jerseys?

These jerseys come in a range of styles and prices. You can really flex on your party with signed, game-used uniforms or you can keep things a bit more lowkey with an affordable, off the rack jersey.

Bulls Custom Jerseys

As the ancient saying goes, to throw an epic party for your favorite team, become one with the team.

A custom jersey is one of the best costumes for getting into the spirit of the party. They also make great gifts to show the party’s host just how much you appreciate all their love of the game.

Fanatics sells a variety of custom Bulls jerseys, including this classic custom jersey for $99.99.

The Superfan Setup

Are you the wild one of your group? Do you bring the unstoppable fan energy to the party? Then the superfan costume might be the right choice for you!

Get decked out with Bulls face paint, a jersey, and even a Chicago Bulls wig. Let the whole party know your fandom goes up to 11.

Putting together the perfect superfan costume takes time, but you can start right with this Chicago Bulls Game Day Wig from Fanatics for $8.99.

Chicago Bulls Food & Drinks

No Chicago Bulls themed party would be complete without food and drinks. Why settle for any run of the mill snacks when you can have Bulls themed food to top it all off. Here are three great ideas to add a little Chicago style to your next party’s menu.

Popcorn, Benny Style

If you’ve ever been to a Bulls game at the United Center, then you know where this one is going. The Chicago Bulls have a mascot that is famous for his pranks. Benny the Bull is known throughout the entire NBA for his attitude. Benny’s classic gag is to “accidentally” spill an industrial-sized bag of popcorn onto an unsuspected guest.

While that much popcorn, and that much cleanup, might be a little too much for your average house party, adding popcorn bags to your Chicago Bulls themed party will bring some of that Benny energy to the festivities.

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BONUS: If you’re really going all-out, add this vintage style popcorn concession maker to the party list! 

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Chocolate Basketballs

Salty and sweet is a classic combo in the culinary world and for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are known to bring home those sweet wins as well as some salty attitude.

Palmer’s Chocolate Basketballs make a great party snack for you and your guests. Not only will they keep the basketball theme going, but they can also be used in any game that needs a small ball.

Chocolate Basketballs - 5 LB Resealable Stand Up Bulk Candy Bag (approx. 400 pieces) - Individually...
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Chocolate Basketballs - 5 LB Resealable Stand Up Bulk Candy Bag (approx. 400 pieces) - Individually...
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Black and Red Licorice

chicago bulls themed food

Let’s theme out our snacks. The first two options give you some great choices for adding some Bulls spirit to your food choices, but now it’s time to bring home the team colors.

Red and black licorice are natural choices for bulls fans throwing a party. While any red and black candies will do, these come readily in our teams’ colors. Licorice also has the added benefit of being visually exciting food, which opens up your creative potential.

These Bite-Sized licorice pieces come in bulls colors right out of the bag!

Red Vines Licorice Bites, Red & Black Licorice Mix, 8oz Bag (12 Pack), Soft, Chewy Candy
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Red Vines Licorice Bites, Red & Black Licorice Mix, 8oz Bag (12 Pack), Soft, Chewy Candy
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Coca-Cola & Coca-Cola Zero

If you’re looking for an easy beverage to have available at your Bulls party, Coca-Cola is a great choice. Besides being easy, they already come in the right colors. All you need to do is add them to the Chicago Bulls themed ice bucket, and you’re perfectly on the theme! You can even add Coca-Cola Zero for a diet option.

Coca-Cola, 7.5 fluid Ounces, 6 Pack
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Coca-Cola, 7.5 fluid Ounces, 6 Pack
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Coke Zero Sugar Diet Soda Soft Drink, 12 fl oz, 12 Pack
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Coke Zero Sugar Diet Soda Soft Drink, 12 fl oz, 12 Pack
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Party Like the Bulls

When you throw your Chicago Bulls themed party, you’re going to want to have some games ready for your guests to play. This is especially the case if there’s not a game playing during the party. You want your guests to have a way to relax and catch a break, especially if the Bulls are down or if you got a lot of young children that need to let out some energy.

Chicago Bulls Cornhole Set

Cornhole has become a classic American game for sporting events.  Whether you’re tailgating or in the backyard, a cornhole set is a fixture for sports parties. Luckily for Bulls fans, there is a wide variety of Chicago Bulls themed cornhole sets.

Chicago bulls themed games

We love the style of this Bulls basketball court themed cornhole set from Fanatics available for $249.99.

Bulls Table Tennis Balls

When it comes to party games, you want to be versatile. You want to find games that guests of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy. One of the best things you can pick up to help this go along our table tennis balls. These can be used for a variety of games that are perfect for all ages.

Chicago bulls party

Fanatics offers a 24 count box of Chicago Bulls logo table tennis balls for just $24.99.

NBA Chicago Bulls Wood Dart Cabinet Set

If you’re putting together a party that’s more for the adult crowd, you’re going to want games to match. Darts is a classic bar game and immediately gives off that sports bar vibe.

Trademark Gameroom NBA7010-CB3 NBA Dart Cabinet Set with Darts & Board - City - Chicago Bulls
  • Dartboard features: self Healing Sisal fiber, removable number ring, official 18" diameter
  • Includes 6 steel tip darts
  • Cabinet features: dimensions (closed): 3.5" x 20.5" x 24.75"

Bulls Themed Pinata

A Pinata makes a fun addition to the festivities, especially if it’s a Chicago Bulls birthday party. While traditionally seen as something for a younger crowd, it may be fun with adults, depending on how many drinks you’ve had. It will also make a great decoration and add to the ambiance during the party!

Gifts and Swag

No party is complete with some swag. These quick gifts for your guests will leave them something to remember the party by.

The key to putting together a great Chicago Bulls themed gift bag is to combine the fun of your Bulls party with gifts your guests can get some use out of. That way, the next time they’re reaching for their personalized Bulls mug or getting cozy with the Bulls apparel you got them, fond memories of your party will be right behind.

You know your guests best. What goes into the gift bag is all up to you, but here are our best ideas.

Chicago Bulls Gift Bag

Gift-giving is all about the details. Gift bags are another visual delight to your guests, and you will also throw in the element of anticipation for the goodies.

These gift bags are reusable so your guests can get more value out of them over time. They also rep your team with both the team colors and the Bulls iconic logo.

You can pick up some Chicago Bulls gift bags from Fanatics for $4.99.

Chicago bulls party supplies

Personalized Gear

Nothing says that you care to Chicago Bulls fans like some customized gear.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your options with personalized gear. We already talked about personalized jerseys, but you can also get pretty much anything personalized these days. We’re big fans of the Chicago Bulls personalized camp mug. It’s versatile, you can take it anywhere, and whether your party is for adults or children, you can hold your beverage of choice.

Fanatics sells these personalized Bulls mugs for just $39.99.

Bulls Accessories Under $20.00

If you’re looking for economical ways to stuff those Bulls swag bags, there are plenty of options. Try to add variety so that there’s something for everyone. Of course, the type of Bulls gear you choose might depend on the kind of party and how old the average guest is, but here are some things you can never go wrong with:

Chicago Bulls Socks

Price: $17.99

Chicago bulls swag bag

Keychain With Bottle Opener

Price: $10.99

Chicago Bulls Fidget Spinner

Price: $4.99

Bulls Travel Kit

Price: $25.00

There are plenty more accessories you can get for under $20.00 at Fanatics. We hope you have a great time throwing your epic Chicago Bulls themed party! We’d love to see photos, leave us a comment below. Go Bulls!

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