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The Ultimate Fantasy Football Resource Guide

Below you’ll find the ultimate comprehensive guide to fantasy football resources. This exhaustive list will include every excellent Twitter follow. All the best podcasts, blogs, and websites you should be visiting, and apps to download to your phone.

When the dust settles, you’ll find yourself more prepared than ever to trash talk your friends and hoist a digital trophy at the end of the season. Or, at the very least, you’ll be able to avoid getting that last place Sacko treatment.

Best Fantasy Football Websites

There are hundreds of websites you can find to provide you with fantasy football advice. But who has the time for all of that? Here we will highlight some of the can’t-miss fantasy football websites to help you prepare for your draft and keep you informed during the season.

FantasyPros has completely changed the game when it comes to fantasy football resources. The website aggregates expert opinions from all corners of the internet. It provides seemingly endless possibilities of rankings based on your specific needs. On FantasyPros, you can import your league and its customized settings, and then create rankings that are specific to you.


You can also choose to filter individual experts for your rankings. If you have fantasy experts you trust, you can group them to get your own customized player rankings.

Mock Drafts and ADP

FantasyPros is also the largest source of mock drafts online. Using a mock draft simulator, you can step into a mock at any time and get a feel for how your draft will go. Mock drafts can be especially helpful when you’ve imported your league and can draft with your league-specific settings.

Additionally, you can choose which average draft position the mock should follow. For instance, if your league is on Yahoo, you can filter to have Yahoo ADP guide your draft. Or, if you’d rather have combined ADP, you can choose to mix them all together. I would recommend doing both to get a feel for how each site values individual players differently.

With thousands of mock drafts of data, FantasyPros ADP can accurately predict where a player will go in your draft. You may find that a running back you want to target in round 5 is actually going in round 7 on the site you play on. Now you can wait for an extra round to draft that player. On the contrary, you may find that you actually need to take the running back one round earlier to ensure that he ends up on your team.

Start or Sit and Trade Analyzer

Two of the most common questions fantasy football players ask are, “who should I start?” and “should I make this trade?” FantasyPros makes answering both of these questions as simple as a few clicks.

Consensus Cheat Sheet

One of the best in-season applications on FantasyPros is their Waiver Assistant. Waiver Assistant gives you the ability to see what players are available in free agency that experts have ranked higher than players currently on your team. You can find this on the website, or you can download a browser extension that will pop up when you look at your official team page.

League Analyzer

The Team Analysis on FantasyPros tells you where your roster’s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of every other team in your league.

Trade Finder and Analyzer

These are two separate functions and can be invaluable resources during the season. The trade finder allows you to filter out positions and teams as you nominate a player to be traded from your side. The site will then analyze your league and look for a team that could benefit from your player, which also has a player you might be targeting.

The trade analyzer then gives you a grade by the percentage of how much your team will improve or decline for the rest of the season as a result. It will also tell you what the trade will do for your opponent. So, say you enter a deal into the trade analyzer and see that your team will increase by 5-percent rest of season as a result.

You also see that your opponent will improve 2-percent. This is a win-win trade, but you win bigger, so this is a trade you should propose in your league.

Football Outsiders

Football Outsiders tallies advanced stats and is known in the football community for their DVOA metric. DVOA stands for Defense-adjusted Value Over Average and represents a breakdown of every NFL play and how it compares to a leaguewide baseline based on the game situation. It’s basically what WAR is in MLB but for NFL teams as a whole. Football Outsiders has much more than just DVOA. You can dial down metrics for a team’s offensive and defensive lines, compare running games, pass rushes, quarterback play, etc.

While not created for fantasy football, these advanced metrics can be incredibly useful for finding sneaky-good defenses or exploiting matchups against lousy run defenses. These numbers are also not going to be used by the majority of your fantasy league. So being well-acquainted with Football Outsiders can give you an edge on your competition.

Football Outsiders also runs a weekly Start or Sit column that caters to both fantasy football and daily fantasy football.


Razzball originally came into prominence in the fantasy community for its fantasy baseball coverage, but as the site became more popular, they’ve branched out to different sports. Their writers are smart, analytical, often funny, and always having a good time. But it’s the content that shines uniquely, giving you detailed rankings and weekly advice on keepers, dynasty leagues, and redraft leagues.

Additional tools on Razzball include a fantasy football trade analyzer, which is customizable for standard scoring, PPR, or Half PPR, as well as for total points or points per game. You enter in players for both teams, and you immediately receive a grade for the trade along with rest of season projections. If you want to step up your investment and knowledge, Razzball also offers subscriptions for premium fantasy football and daily fantasy projections.

Fantasy Sharks

Fantasy Sharks is like a mix of Razzball and FantasyPros. It has more of the blog feel of Razzball but similarly comes with projections and rankings. But Fantasy Sharks goes much deeper than Razzaball with injury history, strength of schedule rankings, a draft predictor, draft trade calculator, and draft order optimizer. And like FantasyPros, you can upload your league settings for custom rankings and projections. Fantasy Sharks also has a lineup coach app, betting advice, contests, and forums.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football

The CBS fantasy guys are some of the most entertaining and informative in the business. Their football content comes from three experts: Jamey Eisenberg, Dave Richards, and Heath Cummings. Player projections come out as soon as February for the next season, and a steady flow of content is delivered all season long. Weekly rankings and projections are updated daily during the season.

Team Rankings

NFL Team Rankings provides team-specific stats that can help with lineup construction. There is a vast array of helpful statistics you can find on the site. From something simple like a team’s rushing attempts per game, or rushing yards allowed per game, to more detailed stats such as opponent red zone scoring percentage.

FF Toolbox

Strength of schedule is a feature that many sites have, including FF Toolbox. But most of them have a unique formula for calculating strength of schedule. With varying opinions depending on the source, you should look at as many of them as you can.  In addition to strength of schedule ranks, FF Toolbox has a matchup analyzer to help with weekly lineup decisions.

Walter Football

Walter Football is a long-standing football website that came into prominence for its NFL mock drafts. The draft content is an excellent resource on its own, but you can also check out Walter’s fantasy rankings, projections, and roster management advice to broaden your knowledge.

Fantasy Football Today covers everything related to the NFL. They have a helpful free agency tracker, in addition to creating their own rankings and projections. They also cover the NFL Draft, so you know which rookies to be aware of next season.

Boris Chen

One of the best strategies to follow in a fantasy draft is to draft by tiers. When you see the tail end of a tier approaching in the draft, you know it’s time to take one of those players before the talent level drops off. Most tiered rankings, though, are simply written down. So Boris Chen created visualized tier rankings on a chart, and it’s incredibly helpful to identify each tier and who to target quickly.

NFL Weather

Weather can be a massive factor in fantasy football, and NFL Weather provides a quick snapshot of the weather for each game going on that week.

NFL Savant

For detailed team breakdowns and free access to advanced stats, you have to check out as part of your weekly fantasy football routine.

Fantasy Six Pack

Created by Joe Bond, FantasyPros 5th most accurate expert in 2019, Fantasy Six Pack provides a steady stream of quality fantasy content throughout the year.

Premium (Paid) Websites

Although there is a plethora of free fantasy football info and analysis available, there may be something even better lurking behind a paywall. If you’re looking to get every last edge in fantasy football, and don’t mind paying for it, here are the best premium fantasy football websites.

Best Fantasy Football Apps

You will, of course, want the official app of wherever your league is hosted. Typically, these are only going to be helpful for people playing on that particular site. But if you haven’t yet decided which platform to play on, you’ll want to download each app to see which has the best user experience. Many people manage their fantasy teams solely through their app, so you will definitely want to pick one that you’re comfortable using. A good fantasy app boils down all of the information you can find online and makes it easy to access on the fly.

NFL Fantasy Football

The official NFL fantasy app is a good place to start. The app has undergone a complete overhaul and is both easy to navigate and full of helpful player profiles and stats.

Fantasy Life

A fantastic source of hilarious GIFs, Fantasy Life is one big fantasy community party. It’s like Twitter and Reddit combined into one, and it’s all about fantasy sports. You can sort feeds for the most recent posts, the hottest posts, or just for news.


Sleeper hosts leagues and it’s calling card is an industry-best league chat that keeps you connected with your friends all throughout the season. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started playing fantasy with friends and is highly recommended to both new and seasoned fantasy players.


Although some of the content on this app requires a subscription, it is a must-download due to the amount of premium free content available. On the numberFire app, you can see projections, including the FireFactor, which gives players a value based on their forecasts and the level of available replacement players. You also have access to quick win probabilities during and before games.

FantasyPros Draft Wizard

This app is solely for mock drafting. Standing in a long line? Why not do a quick mock draft to prepare. You can pause a mock at any time, so you can finish whenever you need to.

FantasyPros Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets is a quick rankings reference that you can customize if you sing in with your FantasyPros account. You can also do a mock draft straight from this app.

FantasyPros My Playbook

The My Playbook app distills the FantasyPros online experience into pocket-ready form.

FantasyPros Who Do I Start?

This app provides a quick reference if you’re in-between two different players both during the draft and during the season.

Fan Duel Scout and DK Live

These apps from Fan Duel and Draft Kings serve as push notifications for player news. So, while these apps were built for helping with DFS lineup changes, you can also use them to track specific players on your fantasy team.

Footballguys League Dominator

The name says it all. The Footballguys League Dominator is similar to the suite of FantasyPros apps but conveniently puts everything into one app. Just like with FantasyPros, you can upload your league and get customized stats and recommendations.

Best Fantasy Football Podcasts

There is only so much time in the day to listen to podcasts, so you often need to be picky about which pods deserve your attention. The following are highly rated podcasts that will be well worth a listen.

CBS Fantasy Football Today

CBS Fantasy Football today is one of the most enjoyable fantasy football hours you can listen to. It features the always entertaining Adam Aizer as the host. He is joined by the CBS Sports three fantasy football experts: Heath Cummings, Dave Richard, and Jamey Eisenberg. The crew enjoys plenty of friendly banter but always excellent insight into the latest fantasy news, trends, and rankings.

One of the bonuses of the CBS pod is that they release multiple episodes a week in the offseason and ramp-up to daily podcasts during the regular season. You’ll get detailed position breakdowns, sleepers, breakouts, and busts.

The Fantasy Footballers

One of the longest-running and most popular podcasts available, the Fantasy Footballers is a must-listen addition to your daily routine. The chemistry between the footballers is nearly unmatched, as is the combination of entertainment and information.

FantasyPros Podcast

Another must-listen, the FantasyPros podcast features former PFF analyst and current FantasyPros lead writer Mike Tagliere. The show is hosted by one of the best in the business in Bobby Sylvester. The chemistry between the two is effortless and leads to an engaging and entertaining listen.

The Fantasy Football Fellas

An underrated fantasy football pod is the Fantasy Football Fellas. The fellas have great chemistry and make you feel at home, which are essentials of a quality podcast. They also provide podcasts throughout the offseason and often deliver multiple podcasts per week. The fellas are comprised of Kyle August and Seth McKlinley, and you’ll be happy you gave them a listen.

The Fitz on Fantasy Podcast

More laid back, but high-quality production can be found with the Fitz on Fantasy Podcast featuring Pat Fitzmaurice.

The Fantasy Feast Podcast

It’s hard to beat the combination of former NFL player Ross Tucker and fantasy football legend Evan Silva. The duo wastes no time in getting straight to the stats and analysis that will help you win your league.

Establish the Run

Evan Silva’s new subscription-based website, Establish the Run, spurned the creation of a new podcast that you’ll want to subscribe to.

The Fantasy Black Book Show

You’ll want to tune into this podcast if you play fantasy baseball in addition to fantasy football, but you should subscribe either way. This pod doesn’t cover as much football in the offseason as they switch gears to baseball, but it’s all football during the season with plenty of draft prep.

The host of the show The Welsch, a must-listen, and he is joined by Fantasy Black Book author Joe Pisapia, who has also worked on FNTSY Radio and SXM radio. The Fantasy Black Book Show is laid back and humorous but doesn’t skimp on the analysis.

Pro Football Focus Fantasy

If you’re after the advanced stats, you’ll have to subscribe to the Pro Football Focus Fantasy podcast.

ESPN Fantasy Focus Football

You either love the ESPN crew, or you don’t. But you’ll have to listen to find out. The podcast is headlined by host Daniel Dopp, fantasy experts Matthew Berry, and Field Yates, along with injury expert Stephania Bell. There is plenty of fun banter, and each analyst provides a unique perspective to the show. One of the best parts of this pod is the frequency of episodes. If you need fantasy advice, they likely have a podcast ready for you to listen to.

Best Fantasy Football Twitter Follows

Twitter can be an excellent source of timely fantasy football advice. It can also be a deep dark hole that is difficult to climb out of. So, maybe make a list on twitter called Fantasy Football, put these guys in it, and look at no other feed. Here are 25 of the best fantasy football follows on Twitter:

  1. Jake Ciely @allinkid – Senior Fantasy Writer for The Athletic
  2. Jason Moore @jasonffl – Top 10 most accurate FantasyPros expert 2017, 2018, and 2019
  3. Mike Tagliere @MikeTagliereNFL – Lead NFL writer and analyst at FantasyPros
  4. Justin Boone @justinboone – Fantasy Pro’s most accurate expert 2019
  5. John Paulsen @4for4_John – Fantasy Pro’s 2nd most accurate expert 2019
  6. Nathan Jahnke @PFF_NateJahnke – Fantasy Pro’s 3rd most accurate expert 2019
  7. Chris Raybon @ChrisRaybon – Fantasy Pro’s 4th most accurate expert 2019
  8. Joe bond @F6P_Joe – Fantasy Pro’s 5th most accurate expert 2019
  9. Graham Barfield @GrahamBarfield – Found of, writer.
  10. Evan Silva @EvanSilva – Co-founder of
  11. Adam Levitan – @adamlevitan – DraftKings analyst and host of Daily Fantasy Football Edge pod
  12. Heath Cummings @heathcummingssr – Senior Fantasy Sports Writer for CBS Sports
  13. Adam Aizer @AdamAizer – Podcast host for CBS Sports Fantasy Football
  14. Matthew Freedman @MattFtheOracle – Editor-in-Chief @FantasyLabs
  15. Sean Koerner @The_Oddsmaker – Director of Predictive Analytics at The Action Network
  16. Ian Hartitz @IHartitz – Daily NFL Operations for FantasyLabs
  17. Josh Hermsmeyer @FriscoJosh – Data Analyst and Developer at
  18. Emory Hunt @FBallGameplan – Former college running back and fantasy writer for The Athletic
  19. JJ Zachariason @LateRoundQB – Editor-in-Chief of content for numberFire
  20. Liz Loza @LizLoza_FF – Contributor to Yahoo Sports and founder of
  21. Rich Hribar @LordReebs – Self-titled Fake Football Meteorologist at Sharp Football Analysis
  22. Matthew Berry @MatthewBerryTMR – ESPN Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst
  23. Jonathan Bales @BalesFootball – Author of Fantasy Sports for Smart People
  24. Brad Evans @NoisyHuevos – Former award-winning writer for Yahoo Sports
  25. Bobby Sylvester @bobbyfantasypro – Analyst and host of FantasyPros podcast

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